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Pass The Salt Cafe

        BIG CITY TASTE ! 

                SMALL TOWN Flavor !

Big City Taste !   
           Small Town Flavor !

Pass The Salt Cafe'

Keeping it Simple (K.I.S)

My Italian mom "man can she cook". Night after night she would make these incredible meals with just a few basic ingredients and in a short amount time. I would be amazed on how simple she would cook and end up with an amazing dish. She woud always Say  "Danny",  food does not have to be complicated it just has to be good. Then she would go on and tell me that when she was a child in Italy that her family was not fortunate to have exotic meats and spices so she learned from her mother how to cook with basic ingredients like fresh, basil garlic, onions, beans and fish.

   I think there is this big misconception about cooking and food. For it to taste exceptional it has to be preparred, for hours, with many ingredients and fancy garnishes. I believe that food is to be prepared and served in its simple form and then to be enjoyed eating with friends and family.

My Story 

My name is Daniel and standing next to me is my wife of 30 years Tina. We are the owners of Pass The Salt .and in 2009 we purchased this home with intentions of opening a cafe in our "golden" years but as life will have it things changed. I have been working for myself all my life and prior to owning the cafe I owned/operated a container company in Va for 20 years. An opportunity arose to sell my company and during that time I started construction on the cafe and after 10 months it was completed.

   While working in the cafe I am always asked "How did you come up with this fantastic menu" and "Are you a Chef". Well first of all I am not a chef nor have I ever worked in a commercial kitchen before, I have always had a passion for food and I really enjoy cooking. As for the menu, well honestly we just got tired of going out locally and eating the same old fried fish or BBQ. So when we crafted the menu we put sandwiches and dinners that we enjoyed eating.

  We are very concerned about our customers health and well being, so we strive to find the freshest ingredients along with the finding the right portion sizes. to serve. We look forward to having you visit and becoming part of our growing family 


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